Inspection and Testing


It is needless to emphasize the importance of testing raw materials, finished products and quality process.
With access to world class Spectro- Metallurgical testing equipments, we at RV TECHNOPRODUCTS PVT LTD give utmost importance to Inspection and testing at multiple stages.

  • Incoming Raw Materials are the building blocks for the final product hence required to start with best raw materials.
    • Chemical & Mechanical properties Inspection
    • Surface Quality checks
  • In-process Quality Inspection is a critical step which ensures best quality products.
    • Dimensional properties such as tolerance, length, straightness, lobbing Mechanical properties such as Tensile, Yield, Elongation, Hardness are measured
  • Finished Goods
    • Final dimensional accuracies
    • Final Mechanical Properties
    • Micro properties, Inter-granular and corrosion properties
    • Surface Finish

Our Quality Appraisal

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