Logistics and Transports

Individual solutions for a clear step ahead the competition

Over the next years, the dynamics of the logistics sector will grow much higher. The reasons are changes on the markets, driven by global trade and changing demand for transport capacity. On the opposite side, there is the global competition pressure and related need for cost reduction, efficiency improvements, sustainability, energy saving and other environmental aspects - Thus challenges that force the logistics sector to react with flexibility.

Simulate your logistic system and optimize cycle times
Using our simulation software "industrialPhysics", you can optimally design your logistics system. On one hand, you look at the different conveying technology - no matter if these are palletizers, pallet conveyors or product conveyors: You simulate your systems and choose the optimal solution for your projects individual requirements. Furthermore, you can evaluate all interacting processes and - if needed - rework their design as early as possible. You can reduce cycle times using industrialPhysics even before the system is actually built.

Our experience
Our customers from the logistics industries are the leading manufacturers of logistic and conveying systems for distribution.

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Logistics and Transports