HIL Simulation Software (Hardware-in-the-Loop)


Workplace-based dongle licence
Simulation software for the simple, fast and low-complexity 3D simulation of complex dynamic production processes in real time, modelling for mechatronic simulation with rigid physical bodies and the realistic mapping of

Material flow processes :
Conveying, stowing, sliding
Sorting, grouping, stringing
Cutting, stacking

Integration of sensors for :
Light sensors / light barriers
Touch sensors
Barcode scanners
Image recognition

HIL connection:
Hardware-in-the-loop control system connection (currently Siemens S7, Schneider Electric PacDrive, B&R, Beckhoff TwinCAT and Rockwell RSLogix)
Connection bases on Ethernet (UDP or TCP), no extra hardware, easy movable between PCs
Roundtrip times of 20ms are easily achievable also with large projects
Motion applications can reach down to 2-3ms roundtrip time (depending on the control hardware)
We integrate other control system platforms on request on a project basis free of charge when ordering at least one licence (requires a control system with a free Ethernet port)

Other functions :
Mechatronic design of process control systems
Synchronisation of production processes
Cycle time analysis via complete systems
Easy geometry import from any CAD system via STEP interface

HIL Simulation Software (Hardware-in-the-Loop)