Automotive Industries


Today the car industry together with its supplier tiers is challenged by numerous threats: Ups and downs in demand on the markets, changing customer expectations, stricter environmental laws and regulations while in the meantime almost all important economic factors are rising:

time-to-market requirements
Product variety
Material cost
Energy cost

Using our simulation tool, we can guarantee you planning safety
For your requirements we support you with individual simulation solutions based on our technology - starting with mechatronic planning and safeguardingof your products and production plants, over performing a virtual commissioning of software and hardware until a final integration of new technology into existing operated plants.

Our core areas in automotive industry
Programming of industrial controls and robots in the simulation tool "industrialPhysics"
Virtual Prototyping
Virtual Commissioning and digital factory
Retrofit and upgrade during operation
Management of product variety and variants
Safeguarding of electric, electronic and hardware in early stages

Our experience
Our customers in the automotive business are well known car manufacrurers.

We would gladly like to provide you with references and as amatter of course will be ready for a talk. Please contact us now.

Automotive Industries